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Acoustic Screens: Fabric Screen: H160 x W120

Acoustic Screens: Fabric Screen: H160 x W120
Acoustic Screen
  • 160h x 120w
  • In Fabric Finish (Blue or Grey from stock, others please call)
  • Fabric panel in Cellotex foam for effective soundproofing

Acoustic Screens

Acoustic screens offer superior soundproofing and are available in flat fabric panels, flat glazed panels and curved glazed panels. A range of fittings and accessories allows you to construct effective and flexible interior panelling.

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Office Desking options There are various products which can be added to the basic desk to improve its functionality. Simple things like cable trays can keep all of your wiring off the floor and provide a space for transformers and excess cabling. CPU cradles can again tidy up the area under your desk, and make it easier to keel this area clean. Clamp on power and data modules can make is really easy for visitors and salespersons to plug into their workstation. Screens can hold paper trays and other accessories to keep the desk top clear. We can even supply under desk sliding drawer big enough to take personal effects, or to lock away your laptop computer whilst not at you desk. Your office furniture dealer should be able to give you more information about these options.

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