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Acoustic Screens: 1/3 Glazed, 2/3 Fabric: H160 x W120cm

Acoustic Screens: 1/3 Glazed, 2/3 Fabric: H160 x W120cm
Acoustic Screen
  • 1/3 glazed, 2/3 fabric
  • 160h x 120w
  • In Fabric Finish (Blue or Grey from stock, others please call)
  • 1/3 glazed in clear Securit toughened glass
  • 2/3 Fabric panel in Cellotex foam for effective soundproofing

Acoustic Screens

Acoustic screens offer superior soundproofing and are available in flat fabric panels, flat glazed panels and curved glazed panels. A range of fittings and accessories allows you to construct effective and flexible interior panelling.

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What is cheap office furniture Provided you do your research, you will find that most office furniture is well priced, offering a good quality product which will last for many years, at a very small annual cost. There are obviously some very expensive products in the market, but whilst they may be expensive, they may still be good value. On the other side of the scale there are some very cheap products in the market, mainly imported from the far east, which are not very good value. The prices may be cheap, but the products are poorly made and will not last. They will need repairing at regular intervals and the owner will become frustrated with their purchase. As a purchaser, you need to be very careful as to what the word “cheap” actually means. Most decent office furniture dealers will tend to avoid “cheap” products as these products become expensive to look after in the longer term.

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