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Major Halogen Desk Lamp

Major Halogen Desk Lamp
Major Halogen Desk Lamp
    Made from metal-painted aluminium with a matt glass head

Halogen Lamps and Uplighters

Halogen lighting is very similar to natural lighting and is suitable for offices.

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Office furniture fads and fashions. Today we seem to be in an era of glass desks and bench desking system. Architects and designers are specifying these styles most of the time, and most UK manufacturers have now produced their own version of the bench desk and are liking to import glass tops for some of their existing frames. Technology and change of working patterns alter users requirements and office furniture manufacturers nowadays are quick to adapt their products to these changes or to come up with new designs. Curved (wave and radial) workstations were designed to cope with the large monitors which were appearing on everyone’s desk, but now, as screens and CPU’s get smaller and more stylish the desk top is reverting back to more traditional rectangular shapes.

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