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Articulated Halogen Uplighter

Articulated Halogen Uplighter
Articulated Halogen Uplighter
  • Height: 188cm
  • Black Finish

Halogen Lamps and Uplighters

Halogen lighting is very similar to natural lighting and is suitable for offices.

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24 hour chairs Most chairs are designed for normal office use, which is about 6 hours a day under average load, averaged over a 8 to 9 hour period per day. The mechanism, fabric and castors are all designed to cope with this level of stress for many years. If you use your chairs for longer continuous periods, or your users are heavier than average, then these chairs will fail and will not be covered by any guarantee. The solution is to upgrade the specification of your chair to a 24 hour use model. These are much more robust, and designed for use in areas where the chair is used in shifts, and therefore quite often for 24 hours. Emergency services, hospital receptions, and accident rooms, Airports, train stations, bus depots etc would all specify 24 hour chairs as they have learnt form experience that these chairs are designed to cope with the additional stress imposed on them. Your local office furniture dealer will have details and prices for these chairs

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