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4Ever 4-desk Asymmetrical block with pedestals

4Ever 4-desk Asymmetrical block with pedestals
90 Deg Asymmetrical Desk
  • 4 desk combination with one 3 drawer desk height pedestal per desk unit
  • Standard legs only available
  • HPC surfaces for durability

This range of desks can be put together as a group workstation. The diverse and contemporary design of the product is economical regarding its use of space, and is a perfect addition to any office. The materials and finishes have been selected to best accentuate the overall appearance of the desking unit.
Asymmetrical Desks

The desks from the 4Ever range of office furniture have been carefully designed and manufactured to offer you affordable and attractive office furniture. The wide variety of different styles and shapes of desk available means that there is something suitable for any size or shape of office. The delicate and slimline structure accentuates light and space throughout your working environment, the light-reflective HPC material aiding this factor. Using impact-resistant ABS to protect the edges of the desks, 4Ever office furniture has hit the nail on the head with this collection.

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System Furniture Desktop Finishes French Apple (rh) Light Oak (rd)
System Furniture Structure Aluminium (sa) Graphite (sc)
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Office Electrics The main consideration in determining the type of cable management required in the office desks is the building itself and where the power and data is coming from in relation to the position of the desks. The ideal solution is where floor boxes are fitted directly under the desks and it is usually then a case of just lifting the cables vertically from the floor box onto the surface of the desk. This is generally achieved by using a vertical cable management system in the desk leg and exiting the cables through an outlet in the top of this leg and then through a cable port in the desk top. If the power and data is in the perimeter of the room as is the case in older buildings and the desks are placed adjacent to the walls then the same cable management system can be used. Where there it is not possible to site the furniture adjacent to the wall or directly above the floor box it may be necessary to drop the cables from the ceiling.

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