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4Ever 140x140cm 90 Deg Symmetrical Desk

4Ever 140x140cm 90 Deg Symmetrical Desk
90 Deg Symmetrical Desk
  • Optional Height adjustable legs through 62 - 86 cm
  • non-reflective HPC material used on desktop
  • Metallic leg structure in one of four finishes
  • 90 degrees angle for use in corners

The 90 degrees symmetrical desks are tailored to fit the shape of your body. this means that you are guaranteed maximum comfort when at work, without compromising on practicality and function. The durable materials used in order to create the wave range of desks suits the tough office lifestyle, and means that you can be sure of your office desk lasting. they are also economical with regards to the amount of space they consume in relation to actual surface space provided.
Symmetrical Desks

The symmetrical desks from the 4Ever office furniture collection at CH Workspace have been ergonomically designed to offer symmetry and style combined within a practical office addition. The delicate and slimline structure accentuates light and space throughout your working environment, the light-reflective HPC material aiding this factor. Using impact-resistant ABS to protect the edges of the desks, 4Ever office furniture has hit the nail on the head with this collection.

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System Furniture Desktop Finishes French Apple (rh) Light Oak (rd)
System Furniture Structure Aluminium (sa) Graphite (sc)
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Types of reconfigurable furniture. There are 3 basic type of reconfigurable furniture in the market. The first is the basic 4 legged table, either rectangular or trapezoidal, which can be arranged in a variety of layouts to suit the needs of the user. These tables can be anything from 60 to 80cm deep and 80 to 180 cm long. The next type is the folding leg variety which allows the user more scope by being able to fold away unnecessary tables for a particular use. An improved, but more expensive version of the folding table is the flip top table, where the frame remains static and the table tops flips from being horizontal to vertical, once a catch is released. The table frames are usually mounted on lockable castors which means that, once released, the tables can be wheeled away and stacked next to each other very easily. No lifting or manhandling is involved. The 3rd type is less common but consists of a top in either MFC or Veneer, which fits into a small diameter box section frame. The top is made to overlap the top of the frame, and when removed the frame can be folded shut. This again allows the top and frame to be stored away for later use, and, as the table effectively breaks into two pieces, the weight of each unit is easier to manage.

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