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4Most 120x100cm Asymmetrical wave Desk

4Most 120x100cm Asymmetrical wave Desk
Asymmetrical wave Desk
  • Optional height adjustable legs through 62 - 86 cm
  • HPC worktops
  • Metallic leg structure in various finishes

Asymmetrical wave Desks have been ergonomically designed to fit your shape, and be as comfortable to use as possible. Standard legs and HPC or melamine materials create a beneficial partnership. They make use of durable, cost effective materials that are finishes to the highest standards, ensuring that you recieve the best value for your money as well as quality products.
Asymmetrical Desks

The Asymmetrical desks from the 4most collection have been ergonomically designed to offer comfort and style within a comfortable and practical piece of office furniture. Their quirky design has been purposefully created for a more accessible work environment, whilst maintaining a large surface are in which to work, and encompassing an economical use of space within its shape. The height adjustable legs offer an additional factor to ensure your maximum comfort, and allows the desks to be flexible within their structure. 4most use a mixture of metallic material for the structure and legs, and either melamine or HPC for the surfaces; this ensures for maximum durability within a hectic work environment.

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System Furniture Desktop Finishes Amber Cherry (ra) Salmon Pear (rb) Golden Beech (rc) Light Oak (rd) Pearl Grey (rg)
System Furniture Structure Aluminium (sa) Graphite (sc)
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Offices and work-pods In some offices it is impossible to build cellular offices or meeting rooms due to restrictions with the building, such as being listed, or because of heating and ventilation issues. In these cases screen systems can be used very effectively to create offices, meeting rooms or breakout areas. In large reception areas it may be desirable to create a screened off area for visitors to sit, out of site of the rest of the offices and screens can be a very useful way to achieve this. If a high degree of privacy is required taller screens can be used and doors can be fitted. As these systems are free standing and not attached to the floor or wall they are easily moved or reconfigured as your requirements change.

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