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Adria 2 180x80cm Rectangular Desk

Adria 2 180x80cm Rectangular Desk
Rectangular Desk
  • 180 x 80 cm
  • Available in Light Grey, Cherry, Beech and Pear desktop finishes
  • Available with Graphite or Aluminium Frames
  • Choice of structure:
    • Modesty Panel
    • Fixed Height Beam
    • Height Adjustable Beam

Adria 2 Rectangular Desks

Standard rectangular desks in a wide range of sizes. Available with a modesty panel or a beam construction with optional height adjustable legs. 25mm Melamine-faced desktops available in Light Grey, Cherry, Beech or Pear finishes.

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Desk Options
Desktop Finishes Pear Melamine Light Grey Melamine cherry melamine beech melamine
Frame finishes Graphite Aluminium
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Desk Ergonomics The importance of good desk ergonomics cannot be overstated but what exactly do we mean by this. It is now widely recognised that care should be taken when arranging the work area to ensure that staff are comfortable and can work in an efficient manor. This is advantageous not only the member of staff but also to the employer as good practice will result in increased productivity. For these reasons time should be taken to not only consider the layout of the office in general but also the size and shape of the furniture in conjunction with the equipment the staff are required to use. Proper planning at the earliest stage of a project will ensure the best outcome.

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