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Ineo 100cm Circular Table

Ineo 100cm Circular Table
Circular Table with Four Legs
  • 72h x 100 dia cm
  • Available in Light Grey, Pear, Beech, Cherry, Light Oak or French Apple finishes
  • Legs available in Aluminium or Graphite finishes

Ineo Tables and Desk Extensions

A selection of desk extensions and meeting tables to match Ineo desks. The range includes meeting ends for desks and meeting tables for 4-8 people. Available in the full ranges of Ineo colours and finishes.

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Desktop Finishes HPC Light Grey HPC Pear HPC Beech HPC Cherry HPC Light Oak HPC French Apple
Frame finishes Graphite Aluminium
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File types There are two main types of file available and they work in different ways. It can be confusing as both are sometimes referred to as suspension filing but the more helpful title is lateral filing or suspension filing. Traditional filing cabinets use suspension files and these are fitted into a pull out drawer or frame and are accessed from the top with the label on the top edge of the file. The disadvantage with this file is that four storage levels is usually the maximum, they require additional floor space to allow for the drawer or frame to be pulled open and if fitting frames into a tall cupboard they can be expensive. Lateral filing is suspended from the underside of a shelf or frame and is accessed from the short edge of the file with the label on this edge. The advantage is that lateral filing can be placed very high in a cupboard and at eye level making it easy to see. There are no pull out drawers and therefore lateral filing is generally cheaper.

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