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Standard Rectangular Perform Desk (80x180cm)

Standard Rectangular Perform Desk (80x180cm)
Standard Desk
  • Standard or Height Adjustable legs
  • HPC or melamine material used to make worktop
  • Classic rectangular design

The classic design of the standard desks has been popular for hundreds of years. The sturdy structure is reliable, with 4 standard legs to support the work surface. Designers for the Perform' collection have added a metallic structural finish to the standard desks in order to give the desk a contemporary feel, and accessories such as modesty panels have been made available
Standard Desks

The classic design of the standard desks in the Perform' range is available in a large variety of different sizes, depending on your office situation. The use of durable yet attractive materials on the classic rectangular design allows the office furniture to withstand the wear and tear of every day office life, whilst maintaining a style of its own. The standard desks come available with a whole host of optional fixtures and fittings, including modesty panels in a metallic finish, cable troughs and height adjustable legs. These features add a certain diverstiy to the standard desk units.

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Reproduction office furniture There is still a requirement for new office furniture made to look like antiques with dark green leather inlays and deep swirly wood grain veneers. Many of the finishes cannot be remade as some of the veneers have been protected and can no longer be used, but they can be replicated using renewable veneers such as stormy oaks or maples which can then be stained to authentically imitate the antique finishes. In a similar way the function of the desk can be changed to suit modern requirements, whilst still retain the olden day charms. The under desk central drawer for example can be made to fold down to reveal a sliding tray onto which a keyboard can be mounted and one of the support pedestals can be made to look like a set of 3 drawers but is actually a hinged door behind which sits the CPU. We have even seen a monitor screen which has been fitted into a wood veneer housing. The cost of these desks is high, but this is mainly due to the amount of skilled labour that has to go into them to achieve the quality of construction and finish.

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