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Quadri 140cm Dual Desk Asymmetrical Wave Desk with shared leg

Quadri 140cm Dual Desk Asymmetrical Wave Desk with shared leg
Dual Asymmetrical Wave Desk with shared leg
  • Desks (each)): 72h x 140w x 100/80d cm
  • shared leg
  • Available in Light Grey, Pear, Beech, Cherry, Light Oak or French Apple finishes
  • Frames available in Aluminium or Graphite finishes

Shared Leg and Bench Desks

Shared leg and bench desks allow multiple desk configurations, saving space and money. 25mm desktops in hard-wearing, non-reflective HPC available in Grey, Beech, Light Oak, Pear, Apple and Cherry finishes.

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Desktop Finishes HPC Light Grey HPC Pear HPC Beech HPC Cherry HPC Light Oak HPC French Apple
Frame finishes Graphite Aluminium
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Office Lighting Light is a very important part of our life, and has to be taken seriously in the office environment. It is very important that enough natural lights filters onto every workstation, to allow all employees to benefit, but the sunís intensity and heat has to be tempered in the summer months by curtains or blinds and air conditioning if appropriate. Darker areas can be improved with high wattage up-lighters to give a much greater degree of ambient light. To allow each employee some control over their own workspace, a desk lamp can be provided, with adjustable brightness for greater control over their personal light level.

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