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Quadri 180cm Dual Desk Asymmetrical Workstation with shared leg and Pedestals

Quadri 180cm Dual Desk Asymmetrical Workstation with shared leg and Pedestals
Dual Asymmetrical Workstation with shared leg and 2 pedestals
  • Desks (each)): 72h x 180w x 120/80d cm
  • shared leg
  • Pedestals: Metalic Desk Height 3 Drawer: 60 x 43cm
  • Available in Light Grey, Pear, Beech, Cherry, Light Oak or French Apple finishes
  • Frames available in Aluminium or Graphite finishes

Shared Leg and Bench Desks

Shared leg and bench desks allow multiple desk configurations, saving space and money. 25mm desktops in hard-wearing, non-reflective HPC available in Grey, Beech, Light Oak, Pear, Apple and Cherry finishes.

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Desktop Finishes HPC Light Grey HPC Pear HPC Beech HPC Cherry HPC Light Oak HPC French Apple
Frame finishes Graphite Aluminium
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Office Chairs movement is the key Most ergonomists agree that the key to comfort in an office chair is not to be completely supported by the chair and to frequently change your position in the chair. For example a chair with no relative back to seat-base adjustment means that the user effectively sits in a padded bucket and after a while flops into this bucket. The posture is not ideal and after a while parts of the body go numb or ache. It is much better to sit in a chair which has been adjusted for your size and weight and which helps support your body, allowing you to still use your muscles for support. The continuous movement of a syncronomic chair helps your muscles tone themselves by continuous but light work, which relieves stress and reduces aches and pains.

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