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Wall Mounted Display Board: For doors (149x52.5mm)

Wall Mounted Display Board: For doors (149x52.5mm)
Wall Mounted Display Board
  • For Doors Size (149 x 52.5mm)

Notice Boards and Signage

We have a wide range of notice boards and signs in both cork and whiteboard styles.

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Office Safety- Cabling Most workstations can now be designed so that all of the wiring is safely hidden away in trunking or cable baskets. Transformers and charges can be lifted off the carpet to reduce heat build up and potential damage. Sockets and data outlets can be fixed under the desktop, or securely mounted on top of the desk for easy access. Modern commercial power/data extensions are fused, switched and earthed, to further reduce the risk of shock or fire, and are very reliable, leading to less computer failures. Power poles and perimeter trunking remove the need for wires trailing dangerously across the office floor, covered by rubber ramps. Planning and designing a safe office is a professional matter best handled by a professional office furniture dealer.

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