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Window Board: Compressed cork, 53 x 71 cm

Window Board: Compressed cork, 53 x 71 cm
Cork surfaced Window Board
  • For 4 A4 sheets
  • 53 x 71cm

Notice Boards and Signage

We have a wide range of notice boards and signs in both cork and whiteboard styles.

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Saving money on office furniture The easiest way to save money on office furniture is to speak to a local office furniture dealer, explaining what you require and for how long you expect to use it, and he will be able to show you something which will fit the bill and your budget. He will not be offering you cheap furniture but he will be showing you a way to save money in the longer term. Sometimes is it not easy to see how you are saving money, but an office furniture dealer will be able to help you. For example a basic chair costing £60 with a guarantee for five years will offer very little comfort, hardly any support, limited adjustability, and will soon become creaky and loose. And it may even aggravate your employee’s painful back condition, causing them to take a few days off work. How much should you expect from a chair which is costing you three pence a day. Remember that you employee costs you an average of £75 per day. So you should look further than just what the office furniture item is going to cost you at the point of sale.

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