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Terms & Conditions

CH Workspace Limited General Terms and Conditions of Trade

These General Terms and Conditions of Trade ("Terms") form part of any contract or order ("order") between any customer ("the Customer") and CH Workspace Limited ("CHW") for the supply of goods and services ("goods"). The Customer shall be deemed to be aware of these Terms and buys subject to them whether or not the Customer has actually seen them. In the event of a conflict with the Customer's own Terms, CHW's Terms will prevail, except as otherwise stated.


  1. All prices quoted are exclusive of VAT.
  2. Prices are inclusive of standard packing and delivery, except as otherwise stated. All packing materials and cases are non-returnable.
  3. Maintenance of prices quoted in a Customer Order Confirmation and/or Invoice is only guaranteed where CHW has been advised of a delivery date by the Customer, except as otherwise stated.


  1. Delivery dates quoted in a Customer Order Confirmation and/or Invoice are estimated by way of indication only and CHW shall not be liable for any losses due to an inability to meet delivery dates.
  2. The goods will be at CHW's risk until delivered to the Customer. From delivery all risks pass to the Customer.
  3. All deliveries should be checked by the customer promptly. If the goods are received by the customer damaged or short delivered CHW must be notified within forty eight hours of delivery.
  4. Regardless of any reason CHW will not accept the return of any goods supplied against a Customer's order unless CHW's prior agreement has been sought and given in writing. Any return accepted by CHW will be subject to a charge equating to 50% of the full retail price plus VAT.
  5. CHW shall have no liability for any consequential and economic loss under this order whatsoever arising.


  1. CHW will arrange for installation of the goods ordered by the Customer on request and at no extra charge, except as otherwise stated. No extra discount is available to the Customer for delivery only.
  2. Installation will be carried out by CHW's contractors into an area fully prepared by the Customer and will include the assembly of all goods, the removal of all packing materials and cases
  3. Under no circumstances will CHW be responsible for the removal of any of the Customer's unwanted goods or for any services such as reconfiguration existing furniture, electrical wiring or plumbing. Any such services required must form a separate negotiation and order.

Terms of Payment

  1. Terms of payment are specified on the Customer Order Confirmation and/or Invoice, in the absence of which payment is due in full (plus VAT) on delivery.
  2. In the event of late payment CHW reserves the right to charge interest from the due date of payment at a daily rate equating to 3% above Lloyds Bank Plc base annual lending rate prevailing on the delivery date.
  3. Goods delivered to the Customer remain the property of CHW until all monies due for the goods have been received by CHW.